Thursday, June 30, 2016


If you have been paying attention at all, you might have noticed that there is a fad going on called "adult coloring books."  Of course, children have been coloring in coloring books for decades, and sometimes they allowed their parents to color in their books, too.  But mostly, coloring was a thing you did when you were a kid, and then you outgrew it.  Unless you became an artist.

All of the pictures in this blog entry are examples of coloring my mom has done.
She graciously allowed me to use them without paying any royalty fees.

But now, suddenly, adult humans have decided that coloring is something they want to spend time doing.  Dogs do not color, and there are two good reasons for this:  (1) dogs do not have opposable thumbs, and (2) dogs don't want to waste their energy doing something silly like coloring, when they could just take a nap.

Mom likes using colored pencils best.

Unfortunately, Mom has got all caught up in this coloring craze, so now she would rather waste an evening sitting in front of the TV, coloring, than helping me write in my blog.  I resent this.  And the other thing I resent is that although Mom will let me sit on her lap while she's coloring, she does not have any hands free to pet me.

This one is colored with crayons.

However, once Mom gets it into her head to do something, there is no arguing with her.  The best I can do is try to understand why she feels compelled to behave the way she does.  So I did some research, and what I learned was that some psychologists say coloring is a sort of "mindfulness technique" like meditation or yoga.  But the good part about coloring is that you don't have to get into any weird positions, like you do with yoga. 

Mom did this one with felt markers.

Coloring is supposed to slow down your heart rate and respiration and make you feel less stressed.  It loosens muscles and stimulates the brain.  Of course, if you ask me, there's nothing like a nice nap to loosen muscles, and if you dream about chasing squirrels, that is sure to stimulate your brain.  But as usual, nobody asked me.

Mom said she didn't think there were any chihuahuas in her book, so she colored a collie instead.

Here are some other benefits of coloring that people have talked about:  it fulfills a creative urge, it's calming, it lets you think about nothing for a little while, it helps you access parts of your brain that you don't normally use, it's something anybody can do, you're not judged on how you color, and it makes you feel more self-confident and happy.

There are coloring books on almost any subject you can think of.  The ones Mom has are:  Dogs & Cats, Animals, Celtic Designs, Aztec Designs, and Southwest Desert Scenes.  On Amazon, you can get coloring books about Owls, Dogs,Cats, Sea Life, Horses, Elephants, Entangled Dragonflies, Anatomy, Physiology, Mandalas, Tattoos, Star Wars™, and the Supernatural.  Other titles are God Bless America, Cats & Quilts, Grimm Fairy Tales, The Psalms in Color, Art Nouveau Animal Designs, Kaleidoscope Wonders, I Dream of Yarn, Fanciful Fashions, Swear Word Coloring Book: Hilarious Sweary Coloring Book for Fun and Stress Relief, Sit the Fuck Down and Color, and Bullshit: An Adult Coloring Book with 40 Swear Words to Color and Relax.

So anyway, that's what humans are up to these days.  I have to admit that they have a lot of stress to get rid of because of the annoying political campaign that has been going on for months, and which won't be over until November.  Plus bad things are always happening, such as people with guns going into public places and shooting a lot of other people.  If coloring makes a person more relaxed, I guess I shouldn't complain.  Still, it seems like just petting a dog or cat would have the same effect.  Or taking a nice, long nap, like I mentioned before.


  1. It's interesting how coloring can have an effect on us. It's probably why I feel similar effects when I edit pictures or draw pictures. It's not coloring but it does make me feel relaxed and happy. This is good, more people should color more for a happier world :D

    1. I think you are right. More people need to get happier by coloring. Or by singing or dancing or doing whatever kind of art makes them feel good. If only we could convince the world leaders and the terrorists of this!

    2. Exactly :D There should be a Spread the Art Movement :P

  2. thank for the good topic,Thanks for your sharing.


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